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Rapamycin is a drug that slows aging, extends life span, and prevents age-related diseases including diabetic complications such as retinopathy.

Rapamycin was the first molecule proven to extend the lifespan of a mammal, even when given late in life. Source

Rapamycin acts on a protein called mTOR. mTOR is responsible for many things but most importantly autophagy. By suppressing mTOR, we increase autophagy

Related studies and papers

200 participants over 12 months testing four different Rapamycin dosing regimens.

The paper makes the case that we should start using rapamycin regularly now. The benefits are worth it.

The reasons behind the bias against rapamycin

Discusses why anti-aging properties 1 2 of mTOR inhibitors did not change the world.

Presents a positive view of the drug, arguing that side effects are overblown (due to lack of placebo study with healthy volunteers).

The skepticism against rapamycin is due to previous failures of anti-aging remedies.

The facts about rapamycin

If used properly, rapamycin is not much more dangerous than ordinary aspirin. Similar to aspirin, the anti-aging effects of rapamycin (longer life, better health, cancer prevention) may be greater than costs (avoidable and reversible side effects).

There is an optimal dose of rapamycin for maximal health benefits.

Rapamycin is a proven anti-aging drug by thousands of scientists working independently all over the world.

Conventional drugs as anti-aging agents

Metformin extends lifespan not only in mice, but also in worms, which do not suffer from human disease

ACE inhibitors prolong life not only in hypertensive rats, but also in healthy normotensive rats

If these drugs were not for ordinary diseases, they'd be called anti-aging agents.

Aging is the sum of all age related diseases.

Calorie restriction helps longevity and intermittent fasting extend both the lifespan and healthspan in diverse species.

Anti-aging medicine is the most effective when taken pre-disease.

Have anti-tumor properties in human cell lines and mice.

Improves later-life memory and learning (reduces Alzheimer)

Rapamycin is proved to boost our immune system