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Lowering inflammation helps longevity

Inflammation is body's reaction to the infections. One of the most important recent medical discoveries has been that the immune system and inflammatory processes are involved with a wide variety of mental and physical health problems. The more your body has to fight the diseases, the shorter your life may be.

Symptoms & signs of inflammation

Soreness, swelling, heat

Low-grade fever

Body rashes

Joint swelling and pain with loss of function

Swollen lymph nodes

Excessive mucus secretion

Fatigue and low energy even when getting enough sleep

Uncomfortable abdominal bloating, food sensitivities, changes in stool

Blood Tests to Detect Inflammation

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR or SED Rate)

C-reactive protein (CRP) qquantitative

C-reactive protein, highly sensitive (CRP-hs or cardiac)

How to prevent inflammation?

Maintain a healthy diet and body fat

Exercise regularly with moderate intensity

Stay cool by sleeping with a temperature between 64-69 degrees

Get 8-9 hours of restful sleep

Tend to your gut health

Don't smoke


metformin has already been shown to repair broken cell machinery and drastically lower dangerous inflammation.

Ibuprofen might slow down premature aging in the case of chronic inflammation and increased aging. 1 2

Related Studies and Papers

Chronic inflammation is associated with multiple age related diseases. However, we don't know if aging causes inflammation or inflammation causes aging. Paper shows evidence that increased inflammation causes the ageing process to speed up, and there is a fine balance between maintaining the immune system function and longevity.

Chronic inflammatory diseases are more than 50% of all deaths.

Ibuprofen increases the lifespan of yeast, worms and flies, indicative of longevity. It's also shown that, Ibuprofen's pro-longevity action is independent of its known anti-inflammatory role.

Many age related diseases and ageing itself are closely associated with low level chronic inflammation.