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Longevity is the next investment frontier

Technology saves us time by allowing us to do things faster or doing those things for us. Instead of spending hours searching for some information in a library, we can find it on Google within seconds. Instead of traveling miles to visit our friends, we just Facetime. Technology companies of the last decades have reached unprecedented valuations because their inventions are saving us more time than most inventions in history.

The relationship between time and value is an interesting one. They say that time is the ultimate currency. Fundamentally, the only reason anything has any value is because we have limited time in this world before we die. If we had infinite time, we wouldn't try to talk to our family on the phone, we would just visit them more often. We wouldn't care as much if something is automated, we would take our time to do things.

So, technology is already saving us a lot of time by making communication faster and automating things for us. This allows us to "live" more during our limited time in this world. However, the other side of the formula, our lifespan, have practically remained constant over the centuries. Almost like a sort of Stockholm syndrome, everybody accepts that we live about 90 years and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Investors have made a lot of money from companies that create more time for our limited lives, but we will hit the wall at some point. When we get close to that wall, those investment dollars will look for alternative time creation technologies. Life extension can be the next frontier for that. This is why I believe the entire field of aging and longevity might experience breakthroughs in the next decades as more money is poured into the field. This is one of the areas I am planning to spend more time and money in the next decade personally. It has such a noble purpose that I wouldn't care even if it meant losing money.