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Fasting helps longevity

Fasting for 12+ to 24+ hours triggers autophagy. There is a large body of research that connects fasting with improved blood sugar control, reduced inflammation, weight loss and improved brain function.

Related studies and papers

CR reduction of calorie intake to a level that doesn't compromise overall health has been considered as being one of the most promising dietary interventions to extend lifespan in humans. Because CR is not easy IF and TRF have emerged as alternatives of CR. CR and IF appear to extend lifespan.

Intermittent and periodic fasting (IF and PF) are emerging as safe strategies to affect longevity and health-span by acting on cellular aging and disease risk factors, while causing no or minor side effects.

Routine IF during two thirds of the lifespan was associated with greater longevity, measured as greater survival after cardiac catch.

Animals evolved in environments where food was scarce, they developed adaptations to function in a food deprived/fasted state.

In lab rats, fasting have profound beneficial effects such as insulin resistance and reductions in risk factor for cardiovascular disease.