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Exercise helps longevity

Exercise can increase longevity up to a point. Living healthier and elevating your heart rate helps you live longer in general.

Exercise can also induce autophagy in some cells. Source

Related studies and papers

Researchers have found that eight week program of diet, exercise and meditation reduces epigenetic age by two years in males between the ages 50 and 72.

Daily diets that were heavy in leafy greens, broccoli or other vegetables, beets along with 6 ounces of animal protein, two servings of fruit, daily probiotic supplements, healthy oils, green or oolong tea. Every week, three servings of liver and 5 to 10eggs were included. Dairy, grains, legumes and sugar were all excluded.

Researchers used the Horvath DNAmAge epigenetic clock. This clock is heavily correlated with chronological age.

Results were mixed and not statistically significant.

Higher intake of vegetables and fruits had the most significant correlation with DNAm age, while physical activity came close in the second place.